About us

The Computational and Soft Matter Physics Group develops and uses modern computational, experimental and theoretical tools to study a broad range of condensed matter systems with emphasis on the statistical mechanics of equilibrium and non-equilibrium processes. Research topics of current interest include soft matter, nanoparticles, phase transitions, biological matter, magnetism and magnetic soft matter, glasses, chaotic dynamics, as well as hydrodynamics of colloids and swimmers.



Vittoria Sposini’s work has been selected for a poster prize at the Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society ECIS 2022.


Sebastian Falkner was awarded the prize for the best poster at the conference "Molecular Simulation 2022: Present, Past and Future".


Terpsichori (Chara) Alexiou has been awarded a Lise-Meitner fellowship by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), for research into the properties of...


An international team involving theoretical physicists from the University of Vienna and experimental chemists from the University of Florence sheds...


Sofia Kantorovich ist Professorin für Computational Physics in der Gruppe Computergestützte Physik und Physik der Weichen Materie an der Fakultät für...


Using theory and computer simulation, a team of researchers from the University of Vienna and UC Berkeley has investigated the microscopic mechanics...