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The Computational Physics Group develops and uses modern computer simulation techniques combined with analytical theory to study a broad range of condensed matter systems with an emphasis on the statistical mechanics of equilibrium and non-equilibrium processes. Research topics of current interest include soft matter, nanoparticles, phase transitions, chaotic dynamics, as well as hydrodynamics.


Friday, 19. August 2016

Proceedings of the 193th Enrico Fermi School published

The Proceedings of the prestigious Enrico Fermi Course on Soft-Matter Self-Assembly have just been published by the Italian Physical Society. The School was funded by the EU-Network COLLDENSE, which is coordinated by Sofia...

Thursday, 7. July 2016

Warum schwimmt Eis auf Wasser?

Wasser besitzt eine Vielzahl ungewöhnlicher Eigenschaften, die es von anderen Substanzen unterscheidet: So dehnt es sich beim Abkühlen unter 4°C aus und ist in seiner festen Form weniger dicht als in seiner flüssigen. Diese...

Tuesday, 14. June 2016

Quantum kicks on a levitated nanoparticle

In a collaboration with the  ETH Zurich and the ICFO in Barcelona, researchers from the Computational Physics Group have recently studied photon recoil from a levitated nanoparticle. By cooling the nanoparticle to...


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