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Buying Tickets for Public Transport

Free subway maps are available at information counters. Ticket vending machines take 10, 20, 50, 100 Euro bank notes as well as coins, but it is advisable to have some small change with you. "Zone 1" covers all of Vienna; the other zones apply to lines to nearby towns, or to Vienna Airport.

The following tickets are available at underground station vending machines, tobacconists (Trafik) or ticket offices at railway stations.
1. A single ticket (Einzelfahrkarte) costs EUR 2,20. Each single ticket allows travelling for one person on a single trip in a well defined direction with arbitrary interchanges (e.g. you may change from the underground to a tram on the same ticket). The ticket should be stamped once at the beginning of the journey at a blue "Entwerter"-machine found at the entrance to underground stations and in buses or trams.
2. An 8-day strip ticket (8-Tage-Klimakarte) costs EUR 38,40 for a total of 8 (not necessarily consecutive) days of travel. One of the eight strips has to be stamped for each day used. After that you just have to carry the ticket with you. These tickets can also be used for several persons travelling together, provided that one field is stamped for each person once for each day and person.
3. A weekly ticket (Wochenkarte) costs EUR 16,20 and is valid specifically from Monday to Sunday (not for arbitrary seven day periods).
4. Additionally, there´s the possibility to buy a 72 hours ticket (72 Stundenkarte) for EUR 16,50, a 48 hours ticket (48 Stundenkarte) for EUR 13,30 or a 24 hours ticket (24 Stundenkarte) for EUR 7,60, valid 72 hours, 48 hours and 24 hours after stamping, respectively.

All these tickets are transferable, but if two people travel together, you must be able to show two tickets!


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